Capricorn Woman and Aquarius Man

There can be quite a bit of intrigue from the universe in the relationship of Capricorn woman and Aquarius man. Each of them has a certain aloof quality about them when it comes to romance and love. However, Capricorn’s manner hides an earthy sensuality and attachment to the person he/she loves. On the other hand, Aquarius has aloofness in the attitude.

An Aquarius man is very true to his word and only says what he means. He can see the past, present and future all in one. He is able to ball all of these things into one and achieve great results. He is well rounded and extremely intelligent. He enjoys long term relationships and is quite old fashion. He is a social butterfly with many friends and acquaintances. He is a great humanitarian with a very likable nature. But at the same time he is aloof, seems to be very detached from the world and very intuitive indeed.

A Capricorn woman is highly individualistic, with some very far-out opinions and ideas. But she keeps them to herself, to avoid ridicule and harsh judgment from others. She is smart and strong enough to handle all situations without letting emotions dominate her. However, she can be surprisingly affectionate, emotionally stable and loyal with a strong sense of moral responsibility. A Capricorn lady seldom does anything that causes pain and embarrassment to her loved ones. In a relationship, she has traditional point of view for things like that should be a husband and what his duties are.

Capricorn Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility

The compatibility is high on the friendship relationship rather than love relationship. An Aquarius man has a very socializing creature. He loves partying. Going on the long drives is his craze. This sometimes may annoy Capricorn woman due to her introvert nature and her ethics to stick to bottom-down. The compatibility is fair enough on the relationship chart if they are ready to compliment each other and forget the soreness in their relationship. This match may endure the cosiness of love in their life journey.

Aquarius man is often very attracted to a Capricorn woman as she is neither nosy nor demanding in her behavior. She makes for very submissive partner and gives her man the independence he needs for his creativity to flow. Capricorn woman, when in love and deep faith, simply overlook the downsides in the relationship or in the person she’s in love with and supports her man in every possible way. She usually feels content to spend more private time with her partner than spreading herself around in a social sense. She is a little more possessive of him as well and looks for something more substantial in the relationship. He needs to understand his Capricorn woman and should not feel bound by her possessiveness as it is just a part of her expressing love.

A Capricorn woman is very well attracted by the friendly attitude of an Aquarius man. He makes her feel more independent than any other man and at the same times protect her from all troubles. The way he understands the need of the Capricorn female and gives her space, is truly appreciable. He makes her best friend and is always there when she needs him. But he is genuinely somewhat detached when it comes to relationships, and is less interested in committing to one special person. She is often frightened by this bizarre behavior of her Aquarius man. He makes friends very easily and quickly, even female friends and brings out a very undesirable form of jealousy out of the Capricorn woman. She has to learn very quickly that he is very detached and these new friends mean very little to him.

As the air enters the earth, it helps the earth to breath freely and earth tries to keep the air intact. Same is the relationship of Capricorn woman and Aquarius man. As he enters the life of a Capricorn woman, he teaches her to fly high unrestricted and without hesitation. He brings new colors and sides of both love and life to her monotonous life. While she embraces him and teach the sense of security and importance of stability in life. Together they make a great combination where dreams are stable and sensible enough to turn into reality when they both decide on them. They experience the purest form of love and a new style of devotion, where none is very expressive but their mutual concern for each other is definitely impressive.

The combination of earth and air in sexual relationship is a blend of both imagination and reality. The Aquarius man is unpredictable and always changing. This also applies to his style of love making. He makes love in many ways. On one hand, he is delighted to involve himself in some crazy interesting thing, which comes from his ability to easily detach himself. On the other hand, he enjoys hours of making love while giving his entire soul. While she is very stable and believes completely in visible and satisfying proofs of sexual intimacy. She is difficult to turn on, but once she is there, she makes her love making a very impressively carried out act of fulfillment. Neither one of them needs a night full of passion to enjoy lovemaking with each other. He often daydreams in sexual fantasy, which makes her curious, but at the same time disturbed. They only way these two adjust to each other’s different ways of love making are if they are in love on an emotional and mental level. Then the Capricorn woman and Aquarius man are willing to do what it takes.

If the Capricorn woman and Aquarius man can respect each other for their difference and admire one another’s virtues they could have a successful relationship. She is a family girl who is overly involved with the family that has raised her. She is always planning event with neighbors and friends. The problem occurs when she expects him to act accordingly and attend all of these events. This frustrates him who is a social butterfly. On the other hand, the detached attitude of the Aquarius male with all the time changing mind, drives the stable Capricorn female nuts. He is very eccentric and does not have a problem saying what is on his mind. The amount of tension between the two of them depends on how well they communicate and handle their difference. They annoy each other from time to time but they need to over look that. That is what relationships are about anyways. With love these two can have an admirable relationship.

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