Capricorn Woman and Cancer Man

The Capricorn woman and the Cancer man is a live example of opposites attract. This is a severe blend of Water and Earth where none is ready to mix with each other. But surely each one finds the other fascinating as they both have opposite qualities which also give them a chance to learn from each other.

A Cancer man is lovingly tender in nature. He is strongly imaginative and extremely determined person with high aims in life. As a man he possesses a traditional attitude towards women especially his woman. He is quite charming but has a very clever mind at the same time. In a relationship with Capricorn woman, he fulfills her with all the qualities she lacks making her feel complete and satisfied. He gives the warmth of love to cool surface of Capricorn woman and makes her feel more loved and secure. Though mood swings of Cancer man may sound odd to Capricorn woman at times.

A Capricorn woman is generally a very practical woman with wise opinions and generous heart that is always ready to help a needy. At one end she can be ultra-feminine and charming while at the other point she can be icy and aloof. The determination of a Capricorn woman is strong which is topped by her sensible manner. When a Capricorn woman falls for a Cancer man, she is more likely to be very serious regarding the relationship and is wholeheartedly ready to sacrifice her personal needs for her man. But sometimes her cold attitude or strong judgment makes the Cancer male sad.

Capricorn Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility

The love line of a Cancer man and a Capricorn woman may not meet very easily. However, in the initial stage of love, both will be attracted towards each other. But, a Cancer man’s changing mood and tender nature may frustrate a Capricorn woman who is short tempered and determined. According to Astrology, both the zodiac signs may not head in the same direction but if a Cancer man and a Capricorn woman have trust upon each other, there life boat can sail smoothly.

The Capricorn woman can always prove to be a faithful partner with whom the Cancer man, who possesses a positive attitude can remain content in his life. She admires the qualities of her Cancer man and helps him in exhibiting them whenever needed. Though she cannot exude the amount of warmth that is required by him but she is very devoted and possessive enough to melt away all his insecurities. She can provide answers to all the questions put across by the Cancer guy. In fact she is one woman who helps him in making money and is herself not a supporter of extravagance which in turn gives him a strong financial security that is not experienced by him with any other woman. Since she is not sensitive in nature, she needs to be very careful in the presence of her Cancer man who has got delicate feelings and extreme mood swings.

The Cancer man makes a lovable and kind partner for the Capricorn woman. He has a lot of respect for his belongings and feels extremely happy to possess his Capricorn lady. He stimulates her romantic side with his lovable manner and warmth of security that he exclusively provides her with. He always respects the individuality of his Capricorn female and tries to help her in every possible way. He makes her feel loved and needed that is definitely a new experience for a practical lady like her. Though he is frequently hurt by her insensitivity but tends to forgive her as soon as she apologizes. But when he displays frequent and odd mood swings then she may get mad over these sudden changes.

True love is the royal road walking on which, the Cancer man and Capricorn woman realize that they are All and One! As the Earth of Capricorn woman gives space to the Water of her Cancer man, they enjoy the never ending blossoms of trust and oneness throughout their lives. With each passing day, the sensitivity of Capricorn female is enhanced by the tenderness of the Cancer male, while the reliability and wisdom of Capricorn woman makes Cancer man more stable and secure. They both help each other to brighten up their spirits and make life more charming with their different and sophisticated ways of concern. The differences of these Zodiac Signs support and compliment each other, helping them to discover the part they always lacked and wanted to experience in one or the other way. The proficiency they share in their togetherness is far more stable and practical with all the emotional values then compared to any other Sign duo.

Cancer man and Capricorn woman takes their physical closeness as seriously as they do everything else. Their intimacy is such an experience for them which makes everything around them look more beautiful. Their love making has though got different aspects, as for, the Cancer man physical intimacy is part of emotional involvement while for the Capricorn woman it is practically a mutual trust which takes a long time to build up before she completely surrenders herself in the arms of her Cancer man. But once they both are completely involved in the depth of their oneness the love making is unbelievably harmonious with rich and meaningful taste of love. He gives her such love that stimulates her unknown craving of wanting him more. The experience for both is extremely deep and fulfilling as being opposite in nature the attraction is certainly powerful and passionate one. In fact it is one of the most enriching physical relationships of all the zodiac signs where dreams are actually answered by reality.

There are always some of the problems prevailing in the relationship of the Cancer man and Capricorn woman as they are almost opposite of each other and it takes a long and patient process to understand each other properly. Though she always respects the cautious and determined attitude of her Cancer man and is completely flattered by his tenderness but still his moodiness and irritability makes her uncomfortable. On the other hand, he also loves the stability and wisdom of his Capricorn lady but her insensitivity and rigidity depresses him deeply. To have a better relationship, he should try to control the frequency of his mood swings and she should try to show her compassionate side more often.

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